Zero Two Body Pillow

Why is Zero Two as dakimakura character?

Zero two is the heroine in the anime Darling In the Franxx. The signature features are pink hair, one pair of horns on the top of her head, a red battle suit, and an eye line. This is a character that the audience can fall in love with at a glance. She shows a romantic and sexual girl to anime fans. You will be attracted by her at the first sight. Our zero two dakimakura here’s to the core of the character’s appearance, showing 02’s charm through different angles. From the paintings of different authors, I believe you can find your favorite one here. At the same time, we restore the picture through high-precision printing technology. No rough zero two anime body pillow here! In 2022, good-looking character design is the basis of success for anime and games. There is no doubt that Daring in the Franxx has done this. I want to be called Daring by zero two too!!!

How does zero two body pillow attract you?

However, 02 is not perfect, and can even be said to be a creature with huge flaws: irritable, and emotional, she seems to lack rationality. But even so, she gives us the feeling of a living person, not a walking adult, nor a puppet-like child, she is 02. Of course, in addition to the strong love for Hiro, the inadvertently cute actions of zero two leave a good impression on the audience. We will restore 02’s character image as much as possible through the pillow. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us about zero two pillow case.

The most popular is 02 often hanging on the word “darling”, the English word that means “dear”, of course, somehow this word is no longer just a title, but a symbol of 02’s inner love existence. So, whenever she blurts out this word, will not have a heartwarming feeling? The pillow is just a carrier, responsible for bringing her closer to the audience. It is approaching, not replacing, and not becoming.

There is no denying that 02 has excellent character design (especially in terms of appearance). But there are many good-looking characters in the history of anime, and not every one of them is a popular player. These character reasons are also what makes 02 appealing. Would anyone not like a girl who is wild and not shy about showing love?

Find your zero two body pillow here.

Zero two dakimakura will make your dream true. It could break the fourth wall between anime and life. You can hug this pink hair girl and share your life with her. Our dakimakuras are made of soft and smooth material. Please use it with care and avoid sharp things.