Nezuko Body Pillow

Find Kawaii imouto Nezuko body pillow here.

Nezuko’s appearance changed after she became a demon. In normal times and when sleeping, she can shrink his body and hide in the back basket of her brother Tanjiro. The mini Nezuko is so cute that no one would be able to bear to hurt such a little girl.  When fighting with the enemy, she is a physically mature young girl. At this point, the appearance looks closer to that of an adult. Another special point is that the muzzle she wears is also the reason why many people like her. At waifufan, we have different styles of Nezuko dakimakuras. Get up close and personal with the lovely girl!! Nobody could refuse such a cute girl to become your sister. Although she has the characteristics of a demon on the outside (such as sharp teeth), she still retains her human side on the inside.

In addition to the features in the anime, our body pillow of Nezuko also incorporates its own style. There is a version with the muzzle removed, a mini version of Nezuko who is sleeping, and Nezuko in her new costume. Unique characteristic image and high-quality case material, as if a real girl is next to you. You are her brother or sister and experience the story together in the Demon Slayer.

Why is Nezuko as dakimakura character?

Despite Nezuko was planning to escape from the demon hunter, she didn’t leave her brother Tanjiro alone. Even facing strong demon slayer, Nezuko show brave and love to every audience. All fans know she still has a kind heart under a demon appearance.

During the two years of slumber, Nezuko was told to protect humans and resist demons’ attack together. Therefore, she is full of goodwill to every people.

Nezuko body pillow will accompany you quietly like in anime. Provide help with you physically and mentally. You can feel tired gradually disappearing from your body when you hug Nezuko body pillow tightly after a long time sitting or standing.  It can help you find the most comfortable positon when you are lying on the bed.

You will not worry about the monster at night since you own Nezuko dakimakura. Of course “monster” does not really exist :). How about to think what kind of ways to spend your time with this cute and brave girl. I believe you could get sincere happiness and satisfaction.

Nezuko is one of the popular female characters in the Demon Slayer and is also the sister of the male protagonist Tanjiro. The anime series has gained a group of fans who love him. The special emotion between Tanjiro and Nezuko is different from the male/female love or friendship in other anime. It is a projection and amplification of the feelings of brother and sister in our lives. In the face of real danger, stand up for each other and be kind to the people around you. It’s time to give her 100% trust, become her “brother” or “sister”, and bring home the Nezuko dakimakura!