mikasa dakimakura
Mikasa Body Pillow

Mikasa Ackerman left a strong impression on every audience. She is the most reliable warrior against the titan. In addition to having strong strength, Mikasa also has an outstanding appearance. You will not regret choosing a dakimakura of Mikasa.

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Nezuko Body Pillow

The adorable Nezuko is the most popular character in the Demon Slayer series! Despite becoming a demon, she is still a kindness and strong girl!

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Gojo dakimakura
Gojo Body Pillow

As the most popular character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, Satoru Gojo is the representative of handsome and invincible. He wore a black uniform with a black eye patch and had striking silver hair. 

Pick your favorite Gojo body pillow design and take it home!

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Zero Two Dakimakura
Zero Two Body Pillow

Beautiful, red, passionate, and brave to express love, the qualities she exudes are captivating. Although the anime has been finished for many years, zero two still has a high degree of discussion and is an excellent lover.

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The Reason Why You Choose Waifufan

In a nutshell, waifu’s fan. We are all fans of our favorite waifu or husbando. We are passionate about the anime pillow business. We are not only professional anime pillow makers but also anime pillow lovers. Therefore, we know what products the real fans are looking for. We will also listen carefully to your needs. Waifufan is a gathering place for fans to purchase anime body pillow.

7×24 Hours Response

For your questions, we reply by email the first time. We also have a frequent answer page to help you solve most questions. If you still have a question about an order or a request related to a pillow, you can send an email to contact@waifufan.com. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

High-quality Dakimakuras

We will customize the products according to each order and control the production process to ensure the quality of the goods sent out. We provide kinds of anime characters for every customer: soft, smooth touch feeling and the best printing effect. Don’t waste time on low-quality products. You will get an excellent shopping experience here. We will focus on providing you with high-quality anime body pillow and service because of we love what we do.

Worldwide Free Shipping

We offer free shipping worldwide. You don't need to pay for shipping separately. We will pack and ship the products as soon as the quality inspection is completed, and you can check the relevant information in your personal account orders. You can also find the logistics information by order number on 17track.

Why People Buy Anime Body Pillow

Anime body pillow is popular in recent years among anime lovers. It originated in Japan. With the development of anime and the increase of fans, the anime body pillow is known by more and more people. Unlike traditional body pillows, anime body pillows are printed with a variety of anime characters. It has high-definition images of anime characters and an excellent touch feeling.

Compared to a common pillow, it is more like an artwork. So, ornamental is the primary consideration of buyers. Anime body pillow refers specifically to the long strip-shaped pillow, and the pillowcase is where the buyer is more concerned than the pillow insert. Generally, the pillowcase and pillow insert are sold separately, but for first-time buyers, the pillow insert is a must-have product.

For fans who have already purchased dakimakuras, you just need to choose other interested characters without having to spend money again for the inner pillow. Of course, for special pillowcases, there is privacy to consider. I believe you know what I mean~

1.1 When we watch anime, we all resonate with the characters or stories.

The anime body pillow’s biggest benefit is meeting your emotional needs. Who does not want to get closer to their favorite characters? It is an exceptional pleasure to see anime characters lying beside you. This is not some strange hobby. It’s just like you like anime figures or model cars. It is human nature to be close to the people you like. The body pillow of anime can provide you with emotional support, you can also leak your thoughts to your favorite character.

1.2 Anime body pillow could help you to relieve the physical pressure

Anime body pillow is also one type of pillow, it can change your sleep environment. and help you relieve tired. People are often feel insecure when they sleep. Hugging the body pillow while sleeping provides a sense of psychological security while regulating your sleeping position. You can also let the pillow fill the empty space behind you by lying on your side. After a busy day, lying in bed and hugging it, you will feel very comfortable.

How To Choose Anime Body Pillow

First, figure out what character or anime you are looking for. You can start with the anime category if you do not have a specific target. Find which anime you are interested in. And then, pick up the body pillow of that anime. If you have a specific target, then you can look through the character categories. There are many different styles of anime pillow cases for you to choose from. And some popular characters can even reach a dozen or two dozen of designs. It might be mature, cute, sexy, etc. Be sure to choose your favorite character picture, which is the soul of the anime body pillows.

After you have decided to buy dakimakura, the next thing you need to know is size. Generally speaking, the pillow insert is usually 50x160cm [19.68×63 inch].

If you are buying for the first time, then no need to worry about the size, you can choose to buy the pillowcase and inserts together. If you have owned a pillow insert, please select the size of the anime body pillow case that corresponds to it before placing an order. We do not sell anime pillows of sizes such as 34x100cm, that is not the standard size.


At Waifufan, you can choose between 2WAY and 2way Upgrade materials. We have strict requirements for product quality.
Nowadays it refers to warp knit fabric of polyester + spandex in general. This fabric does not perform well in other industries, but it is the most suitable fabric for anime body pillows, with a good hand feel, good elasticity, clear printing, and excellent coloring.

They are both high-quality materials that are soft and silky to the touch.

The Upgrade version is constructed to be more resistant to snagging and has a finer fabric texture than the regular 2way. Click on the right to learn more about the materials. Overall, they are both excellent anime pillow cover materials.

After you have gone through the above steps, you have chosen the most suitable anime pillow for you. The last step is to take them home! You can put them on the sofa, bed or anywhere you like.